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Delsjöns kanotcentral
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Please check if your question is answered below before you email or call us.

Are the prices per canoe or per person?
Allways per canoe. We recommend two people per canoe because it is less comfortable for the person in themiddle, but for children it is usually not a problem to sit in the middle. Life jackets and paddles are always included for everyone on board.

Can you bring your dog on board?
Yes, but we don't have dog life jackets.

We would like to transport the canoes to another lake. Is that OK?
No, we only rent out the canoes for paddling in the Delsjöarna.

Can valuables be stored with you when you are out paddling?
There is limited possibility to store valuables, but we cannot be responsible for them. We therefore
recommend that you bring them in a plastic bag.

Is it allowed to camp in the Delsjön area?
No, lying in a wind shelter is permitted, but not camping. More information at (only in swedish): Link (click here).

Are there soft drinks and sweets to buy?
Yes, we have cold soft drinks, water, sweets, ice cream and coffee/chocolate/tea for sale.

How do you pay?
Group booking - invoice.
Övriga - debit card or invoice direkt vid bokning

We have made a group booking. What happens if there is bad weather?
Cancellation can only be made after agreement with us. It is normally only allowed if there are safety risks, for example thunder or strong wind.

We have never canoed before. Is it possible to get any instructions?
Provided that the staff has time, you can count on a short, simple instruction.

Is it possible to fish from the canoe?
It is possible to fish from the canoe, although we do not recommend it, as the canoe is easily unstable if you lean over the railing. Also keep in mind that it is mandatory to buy a fishing license.

Is it possible to buy gift cards for a canoe rental?
Yes, through the same system as you book canoes, kayaks and SUP.

Can we contact you to find out the rental situation?
Yes. Try calling 031-40 34 88. However, if the staff is busy, they won't have time to answer.

Do you have any age limit?
No, we do not have an age limit. The most important thing is that you know how to swim.

How long paddle should I choose?
A rule of thumb is that the paddle should reach the armpit when standing straight.

How do you get into a canoe?
A canoe is not a boat. If you place the weight incorrectly, it can tip over and you will probably fall into the
water. When you step in from a jetty, you crouch down and hold the canoe with one hand. Then you put down the foot you have closest to the canoe just beyond the center line of the canoe and carefully transfer your body weight to that foot. Then you move the other foot next to the first and distribute the weight evenly between them. Then you sit down. Once you are seated, you can start arranging equipment, grabbing paddles and other things. Of course, only one person should step in at a time. The other paddler and any passengers hold the canoe and make sure it is stable during this time. When you step in at a beach, you may have to stand in the water and hold the canoe with one hand on each rail. Then you put one foot on the center line of the canoe. After that, it's as easy as stepping in from a jetty.

How should I dress?
Comfortable clothes suitable for the weather. If you have a good rain gear and a cap or southwest, it can be great fun to go out even if it's raining and windy. If it's warm and sunny, you can paddle in just swimming trunks. However, you should wear a T-shirt or a tank top under the life jacket considering that there are many people who use the same equipment. You should carry at least one set of spare clothes per group, especially if you are paddling early or late in the season. It is enough for someone to slip or lose their balance at the wrong time for the excursion to be ruined without spare clothes. Also keep in mind that watches, jewelery and mobile phones often cannot withstand water. If you want to take these out, you should keep them in a waterproof bag.

What is the procedure for retrieving canoes?
Start by deciding who in the group will paddle together. Then everyone chooses a life jacket and a paddle that fits. Then each couple carries their canoe down to the jetty. Once there, you make sure you have your equipment in place. Then you launch, load your equipment and finally get in. It is practical if you have thought about laying down with the bow outwards, so that you don't have to turn the first thing you do.

What is the return procedure?
Pick up the canoe on the jetty and put it in a place where it is out of the way of other paddlers or passers-by. Then carry borrowed equipment and your own pack to the rental building. Place the paddle, life jacket and other equipment in their proper places. Note that some equipment is numbered and has its own place where it should be. Finally, you and your companion carry the canoe up to a free place at the canoe stands.

Is there anything to consider after return?
If you have been out longer than what you have paid for, you must pay the difference. Check carefully that you haven't forgotten anything.

Do I have to carry the canoe?
Yes, it is not allowed to tow it. If you are alone, the rental staff might help you. If you are small, you may need to borrow one of the canoe carts and roll the canoe between the canoe stand and the lake.

The canoe is leaking water, is it dangerous?
Some of our canoes occasionally get minor leaks. We try to repair these, but it is not always completely tight. This is normal. Paddling with a few centimeters of water at the bottom is not a risk, but if there is so much that the stability becomes poor, or that the equipment starts to float around in the canoe, then you have to paddle to the shore and empty. If it leaks a lot, you should paddle back to the rental along the beach. If a really big leak has occurred during the trip, you should get to the beach and return to the rental on foot.

Is it possible to rent a canoe overnight?
Yes, it is possible to rent for 24 hours. Of course, it only works if we are open the next day.

How do you become a member of the club?
See and "become a member" in the main menu. The easiest thing is to come by the clubhouse some evening around 5.30pm and talk to us if you are curious and can't find the answers on the website.