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Delsjöns kanotcentral
Delsjöns kanotcentral
Delsjöns kanotcentral


Paddling is at your own risk.

Everyone must wear lifewest while traveling in the canoe (included in the rent).

Everyone in the canoe must be able to swim at least 200 meters. However, non-swimming children may be carried if there is at least one life-saving adult per child in the same canoe.

It is liable for every renter to show carefulness over the equipment. Losses and damages which are in excess of what can be counted as normal wear and tear shall be compensated in accordance with common practice. 

The canoes may only be used in Stora and Lilla Delsjön.

The rental period includes time for collection and delivery of all equipment. This means that everything should be returned before the end of the rental period.

If you are delayed, notify us immediately on phone 031-40 34 88.

Canoes must be collected from the storage area at the start of the rental period and returned after the rental period, if not otherwise was agreed with the staff. Likewise shall paddles, lifewests and all other rented or borrowed equipment be picked up and returned to their placees, if not otherwise was agreed with the staff. The lessor has the right to charge reasonable cost for the collection of equipment not returned as instructed.

In case of delayed return of rented equipment, a surcharge will be charged. Such as delayed return is considered:

  • all return after the appointed time when another renter has booked the equipment
  • return after informed or announced closing time.
  • delays exceeding 15 minutes in other circumstances.

NB! Handing in time is included in rental time.

The surcharge is SEK 400 per canoe and hour started.. The surcharge shall be paid directly to the staff.

Special terms when booking a group, low season weekdays

Pre-booking with invoicing can be made up to 7 days before the rental date, however, only weekdays off-season.The minimum invoiced amount is SEK 1600. Booking is done via the internet, and the invoice is emailed to the specified email address. The booking person has a personal payment responsibility until the invoice is paid.

Expect aprox 10 min plus 30 sec per participant to pick up and hand in.

Interest rate, with a reference rate set by the national bank plus eight percentage points, is added in event of late payment. Reminder fee, SEK 50 is charged per reminder. Debt collection costs are added if the case must be handed over to debt collection. Please note that Näsets Paddlarkubb is a non-profit sports association and that all extra handling of invoices creates unnecessary extra work for our unpaid officials.

Booking is binding. Crediting of the invoiced amount is allowed only if the billing has been incorrect, if the renter with a medical certificate shows that he has been prevented from using his order due to illness, or if the lessor deems that the weather situation does not allow safe travel. Changes to the booking can be made in exceptional cases, if this is not a nuisance to the lessor.

The booker is responsible for delays, damages and losses incurred in connection with the booked canoe trip.